Chalkboard Clock Tutorial + iPad Mini Giveaway

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Chalkboard Clock Tutorial

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Last week I shared this fun baby shower name tag I made for my sister’s baby shower. [UPDATE: We had a blast at the rustic woodland baby shower, you can read all about it here!]

I attended an adorable baby shower a few weeks ago for a friend with a “‘Hello World” theme and one thing that I just loved was that we all signed a little chalkboard globe with messages for the baby. I thought it was such a good idea as something that could be reused in the baby nursery as decor. That’s where the inspiration behind this project came from.

The theme of my sister’s baby shower was rustic forest, so we were incorporating a bunch of wood rounds into our decor, along with moss, pine cones and acorns everywhere. I’ve been itching to create a clock with a wood round ever since I saw the clock kits they sell at the craft stores and thought this would be a perfect little project for the baby shower!

DIY Chalkboard Clock Tutorial - Great creative idea for a guest book alternative

Chalkboard Clock Tutorial

DIY Chalkboard Clock SuppliesSupplies:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Wood Round
  • Clock Set (pay close attention to the depth of the clock set you’re buying to make sure it matches the depth of your wood)
  • Paint brush (I’d recommend a foam brush)
  • Drill (need to drill a hole for the clock arms, some wood rounds may have pre-drilled holes)
  • Optional – white acrylic paint (I used this to paint the clock arms from gold to white)

DIY Chalkboard Clock

Step One: Paint your wood round. Be sure the paint goes in both directions. I slowly painted the border on the edge leaving a little gap of wood. You could paint all the way to the edge if you prefer. I did about six coats of chalkboard paint to get a good base.

Clock with chalk board paint project

Step Two: Drill hole in the middle of the wood round.. Be sure to pick your drill bit based on how big your clock set is. The photo above is of the backside of the wood, which is why it isn’t covered in chalkboard paint.

Chalk board clock project

Step Three: This step is totally optional, but I thought with the chalkboard background on the clock, the white handles would stick out more. I used white acrylic paint and a foam brush for this. It took about three coats to cover completely.

DIY Chalk Board Clock

DIY Clock

Step Four: Install your clock set. Follow the directions on the box. This step seems easy enough, right? Well, remember Step Two – drill your hole. I had Logan drill this while I was painting the clock hands. Logan is a typical guy that never reads directions unless I’m working on a project with him and read every step aloud. Once he drilled the hole, he took the clock set straight out of the box and put it all in the drilled hole WITHOUT reading the instructions in the picture above…. to make a long story short, the clock set got stuck and we had to break it to remove.

Back to the store a few minutes before they closed, I quickly grabbed another clock set. Once we got home I realized that the clock set was completely the wrong size. So that is why I mention earlier to pay close attention when buying your clock set so that it is the right depth for your wood round. It was the night before the shower (I had to leave at 7am) and all of the stores were closed. My amazing husband miraculously solved my dilemma by slowly taking the clock set apart and using the machine from the new clock set and putting the longer pin from the broken set. I don’t know how he did it, but he did. However, save yourself the trouble and just pay attention when you’re shopping and read the directions when installing your clock set.

It's important to condition the chalk paint before using for the first time

Step Five: Condition (or season) the chalk board paint before using. To do this, you just rub the edge of a chalk piece on it’s side in every direction and wipe with a clean cloth and then a damp rag to clean.

DIY Chalkboard Clock Tutorial - Great creative idea for a guest book alternative

All done! Now if you’re just make this clock for yourself, you can of course draw in numbers or other designs. How fun would this be to change out for the seasons?!


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